Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lirik SID Angel & The Outsiders (2)

Nah, setelah sebelumnya saya pernah memposting tentang lirik SID album Angel & The Outsiders (1). Sekarang saya ingin berbagi lagi dengan lirik dari lagu The Days Of A Father, Nights Of The Lonely, Saint Of My life, dan Memories Of Rose. Okay.. keep rock

Angels And The Outsiders - The Days Of A Father

Song: Bobby Kool Words: Eka Rock
When the morning comes to spot my eyes
From the darkest nights
Lots of journey I spent those night
Only crying without a voice
To the outside sound that flowing
Like a blood from another flesh
Misery won’t leave me a history
And hard to hide alone

Blow me up just like a fire till...
I meet you, my lovely son
Send my messages to the light
I wanna have another hope
Keep on crying in the darkness
Can you hear me loud and clear
Your words still live in my head
I fall and can’t deny it...
can’t deny it.... can’t deny it

Wake me up from these dream,
Please help me out
Wish i could kill my own history
Start a light gonna get me out now
Count on my days, time is up tell me to wait
Face to face with this reality, not enough
to redeem all my wounded pain
From this regret, I find a spot of turning back

From this rusty cave I break my self
to see my burning pain
My insecurity is dead,
and always burns along my eyes
I am little screaming creature,
don’t know how to sing a song
They’re all buried in the moon light
and hard to take it back

Angels And The Outsiders - Nights Of The Lonely

Song & Words: JRX
The moon is high, the fire burns...
Is there heaven waits for me
Ain’t got no friends, just walk alone
This lonely road will never ends...

Time’s slow, this paint grow so fast
Keep running low to survive
Devil roll the dice, you know my time is up
Angel by my side , she whisper this ain’t right

The tide is high, dark water blues
Drowned in this unforgiven sins...
Tons of regrets and million tears
Until the day I disappear...
Lonely days and lonely nights
Give me something to believe
Let my faith gracefully arise
And this hope for better day...

Angels And The Outsiders - Saint Of My life

Song & Words: JRX & Cathy O
Good night good night my little angel
Good night good night my little ones
Spread your wings and fly
Away to your dreams

When you’re sleep I’m on your side
When you’re awake I’ll be your still
Close your eyes, put a smile on your face...
Don’t be scared ‘coz
I’ll be there to hold you tight
You’re the king, you’re the queen
You’re saint of my life
And when the world is trembling
Down don’t you cry Coz there’s nothing, nothing
That will keep us apart...

Sing with me my little darling
Sing along to this lullabies
Pick the moon kiss the star so good night..

Angels And The Outsiders - Memories Of Rose

Song & Words: JRX
I think about the end of the world
I’m thinking about you...
All the struggle we had, and the past,
Blood and tears my love !
How could I forget

In sorrow now, since we fell a part
A million miles away
Still I put my faith on high sky
Everlasting pain! How can I escape...

I think about the evil ways I’ve been
The self destruction years...
I disrespect my self and the world
Chase by ghost of lust
Kill the love ones down

Don’t go, don’t go away...
Stay with me here in this lullabies
Darling it won’t be long, till we find
Our away back home again...

I gave up all the poison for you
Gave up the wildest dreams...
And in the end I’ll grow old
With you, only you my love
Burn the fire burns...



  1. wah seneng SID yah? saya kok ndak terlalu seneng mreka yah.. xixixi.. biasa aja :)

  2. saya senneng
    makasih ya lirikna :D