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Many beginning bloggers earn small cash at home, but many are unaware that you can earn major cash from blogging. Bloggers earn $1,000 a month by blogging part-time even without a web site! To earn more money from blogging, you need proven software tools and a few free tips for beginning bloggers from bloggers who already found out what works and what doesn't. 

Let's start by busting a few key myths about blogging.
Myth Number One: "Making cash in your spare time is easy."

Busted! Don't even go there. Do you honestly know anybody who has spare time? Get real! True, there are hundreds of thousands of professional bloggers making full-time incomes blogging part-time, but almost all of them carved time out of burdened schedules with a chainsaw when they first started.

Myth Number Two: "Nothing beats blogging from the comfort of your home." 

Busted! Most homes are hives of activity. Unfinished projects want attention and compete for your "spare" time. Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning. Even grout wants attention. Temptation lurks all around your home. The remote calls from the sofa. That book you bought begs to be read. An innocent cup of tea can become your worst enemy. And when you are all blogged out, which can and does happen, anything beats blogging from the comfort of your home!

Myth Number Three: "It's easy. You can use the same stuff on six diverse sites."

Busted! Nothing that pays well is easy. Most of us had to crack the books in high school to get a passing grade. bloggers who got straight A's without hard work were few and far between. We talked about them like they were circus freaks. "Geeks" were originally side show freaks who bit the heads off live chickens. And you can't reuse the same stuff over and over because diverse sites have diverse rules and diverse audiences.

Which is not to say don't expect to earn cash, even really good quantities of cash, blogging. Expect to invest time learning the ropes. Expect to prime the pump, but not with money because one of the beautiful things about blogging is it costs almost nothing to get started. So prime the pump first, then expect to earn cash!

Making quantities of cash from blogging is the most overlooked at-home oppportunity on the internet today.The majority of bloggers blog daily just for fun without getting paid. They just pick one site and go for it. So why not get paid? It's not rocket science. If you can talk on the phone without boring your friends, you can earn money by blogging. But don't try to reinvent the wheel. Check this out:

Here are five top sites that pay competitive cash for bloggers to blog:

PayPerPost.com; Blogvertise.com; Blogtoprofit.com; Creamaid.com; and Blogitive.com.

PayPerPost.com is the best place to start. Follow directions and you won't need another blog site to earn serious cash blogging! PayPerPost.com lets you write on anything, and allows you to post information on related software software tools. By getting an affiliate URL from manufacturers (free to sign up) you will earn commissions for every sale that comes from your blog!

Successful blogs, cash making blogs, have proper titles. Improper titles conflict with content which damages your profitability . Choose a title that is catchy but properly defines the content of your blog. Duh, right? But it's an expensive mistake many earn!

Research software software tools aimed at bloggers. They provide a snapshot of what bloggers need. Check out hot keyword software at http;//tinyurl.com/5bc4au. Read the pitch pages at: http://tinyurl.com/5dacq6 and study their smart blogging software software tools for ideas. Find out what the smart affiliate handbook offers professional bloggers @: http;//tinyurl.com/55caog.
Another tip to earn cash with your blog is: provide relevant. accurate information. You can't have misinformation in your blog if you want to earn cash. Readers want accessible data. Misspelling, poor grammar and punctuation is harder to read and harder to find. 

Quantity helps earn cash with blogs. Blog often. You must be consistent with your blogging to earn serious cash. Blog at least three times a day, or more. Set goals and set limits! 

To earn cash from blogging keep your writing rich in content and to the point. Do not babble. You loose your readers' interest. Quality content is key to making cash from blogging. To generate cash you have to keep them coming back!

Always set aside 5% of your blogging income to invest in state of the art software tools to add to your blogging tool-box. There are many software software tools that are easy to learn and that are not very expensive. Bidding for second hand software on e-bay is one way, but to get a look at some hard-core easy to use professional software that can increase your blogging income without costing too much, check out the well-reviewed and highly recommended software software tools.


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